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It is important for digital camera users to grasp the basics of digital image sizing. Should you be sending photos to the People’s Post or another newspaper, then a photo taken in JPEG format at medium resolution (around 5 megapixel) is suitable. However, should you need to keep this photo for printing and possible enlargement, it becomes important to shoot at the camera’s maximum digital resolution. An additional setting available on your digicam is compression or image quality. This is normally selected by setting the camera to take   “fine or high   quality” or on the other hand, “medium or standard” quality. Some cameras also have a low quality or high compression option. The significance of this setting is as follows: ·         Low compression means a large file (around 3 megabytes) on your memory storage card but the photo is rendered at highest quality. There is a minimum of digital noise or blurring of detail. ·         High compression means a smaller sized file (