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Are you in the middle of organising a wedding and are looking for a great photographer? I'm an experienced photographer who has invested the right amount of time in developing my skills and I have made right investment in good equipment. As a busy commercial photographer, I undertake a few weddings each year. The brides, grooms and families are never disappointed. 

A word of advice. Book me early, since my calendar is filling up. Shoots are custom made to your wedding programme and your budget. No standard and boring service offering when you hire Gareth Griffiths Imaging and Photography! I would love to help you.

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So what does it mean to get married? Hopefully, a lifetime commitment with fantastic benefits to bride and groom that hopefully leads to children and family .......

These are lifetime memories, which is why it is so important to preserve them.

That's why it is so important to book a photographer and, if applicable, a videographer who knows what they are doing. There are many wannabees who offer services and who sport low end digital cameras and who offer services at bargain basement prices, yet don't know the first thing about photography and working with light. Often they are not so good at working with people either.

For a start, ask your photographer what their backup plan is if their equipment fails. Do they carry a spare camera or two and spare lenses?

Ask your prospective wedding photographer what professional bodies they belong to, what their qualifications are and what their investment is in photography. 

Its also advisable to check how your photographer is with people. Mos…


Sutherland, just inside the boundary of the Northern Cape is an interesting place especially if you are keen on astronomy. The level of science being practised at the SA Astronomical Observatories is fascinating, where South Africa is making a real contribution to the scientific database of the world, especially with the Southern Africa Large telescope (SALT).
But there are some interesting lo-tech highlights also. See Pic!