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Winter sunsets - My side of the mountain

  Dusk - after sunset Noordhoek Beach

Understanding digital photo quality and file size: A ready guide

Understanding digital photo quality and file size: A ready guide for publishing - Magazine print, newsprint or digital medium.   Photo and content copyright Gareth Griffiths As an editor and professional photographer, up to 50% of the images Safrean Gareth Griffiths gets sent for publishing in print are of the wrong resolution. Here’s how you can be sure you get it right next time. Resolution Resolution means the size of the photo in pixels (very simply, these are ‘dots’ of digital information relating to colour and tone) that are expressed in a horizontal and vertical medium. When you multiply the horizontal by the vertical dimension, you get the digital resolution of the image, expressed in megapixels (what you camera ‘takes’). This should NOT be confused with print resolution, which is the dots per inch analogue equivalent of digital resolution. The trade has adopted two slang terms for the presentation of images. They are ‘high res’ and ‘low res’. Be warned that these are subject t


AS AN ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHER, I often cover outstanding architectural projects for print and digital magazine purposes, in addition to social media. My high note was covering the launch of the Zeitz MOCAA - Museum of Contemporary Art Africa when I was stationed in the media area right near the Arch. As usual Archbishop (Em.) Tutu charmed the crowd in his normal unassuming way. Just take a look at the faces of those girls! This was my shoot for the magazine at the SILO Hotel - part of the Royal Portfolio Group where Liz Biden does much of the interior design herself. Most recent project: The Ridge - V&A Waterfront. The best green or sustainable building ever! Interior design was by Paragon Interface - for Deloitte SA. And here is Claire D'Adorante, the fantastic designer and workplace strategist who made it all happen.