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Adapted from my latest column in the People's Post - July 2010 A reader recently shared a series of his landscape photos with me. For example, a photo featured a very interesting view of a lagoon – resembling Knysna in the Western Cape. Significantly, he used an old wooden jetty to lead the eye into the photo, and kept a good depth of field, meaning that both the foreground and the background is in focus. Images like these help to bring out the character of a holiday venue by making a feature of ordinary things that might have been lost in a bigger landscape. They make your holiday memories much more interesting. To achieve high depth of field, set your camera on a high f-stop (e.g. f16) or use the “Landscape” feature on your digital camera. To enure the camera selects the highest possible f-stop, and to minimise camera shake which can cause blurring, use an ISO setting around ISO400 – meaning don't set your camera to Auto ISO. Override it manually. Then, focus the camera