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How often do you use the timer setting on your digital camera? This useful feature is not taken advantage of enough. Two big advantages of this feature are; -           In low light or when taking close up pictures, compose the pic, select the delay, press the shutter and then remove your hand from the button. The camera will be as steady as its support base. No blur! -           Include yourself in the photograph. I’ve often done this on hikes or with friends. Snag is, you need to be quick on your feet to join the group, so make sure you don’t trip. Plus, you need a solid base to support the camera while doing the under 10-second sprint! Those who have scratched their cameras, had the wind blow them over while doing the 10-second sprint, or simply come out with skew looking pics will enjoy learning of a great portable beanbag product from Canada, which I discovered last week. Called “the Red Pod”, it has a screw adapter that mates with the centre mounting hole found under most camer