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As featured in the Peoples' Post - 27 March 2012 Hanging out of the side of a helicopter taking photos for a client, or trying to get a steady pic from the window of a car while game spotting, you need to operate your camera at higher shutter speed.  School in Cape Town taken from a helicopter at 900 feet  Most cameras have settings that allow control of exposure time or shutter speed. This is the length of time, in thousands of a second.e.g. a common speed of 125 means one 125 th of a second, or 1000 means one 1000 th of a second. Do not confuse this with sensor or ISO speed, the direct analogy of film speed. They are however complementary. Advanced cameras allow the exposure to be directly set, but even Others, including basic digicams have a ‘fast’ or sports setting to be used when you want to freeze the action. Check yours out, often denoted by a running man icon. Use the “sports” setting when you want to freeze the action or at any time tha


What a great month of February we have just had. Ideal weather. The photograph below was taken at about 2 000 feet from a very small helicopter, while on assignment for an industrial client. Here is Table Mountain, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, seen from above the tourist haven of Cape Town, South Africa.