Thursday, March 5, 2015


It's obviously tough for the people of the Noordhoek Valley to resume normal life after a traumatic week, but thankfully our valley seems to be safe now. Admittedly, there is not much more to burn, but there remain a few existing hot spots that continue to smolder and emit white smoke. This is not helped by the strong "fresh" South Easterly wind which supplies the embers with copious amounts of oxygen. Gladly, the same wind has assisted in clearing the local air of smoke and ash so our normal clean atmosphere has returned. If only it was not for the grey landscape .....

Mountainside above San Michele / Silvermine - after Monday's fire - at sunset

We are so fortunate that the fire did not spread to our neighbours in Masimpumele and Sun Valley; and also that all of our local farms and businesses survived, thus ensuring continued employment for the people who need it the most.

Today's only negative is that there is a fire approaching from the South. The blaze that started in Cape Point reserve is making its way North, placing Scarborough and surrounding areas at risk. Amazingly, brave volunteers from the Noordhoek crisis centre have volunteered their services to fight the approach of this fire. Here they are, receiving their briefing at the Noordhoek centre from the professional team leaders before setting off South to this new D-Zone late this afternoon.

(Picture by cellphone)

Here's the plume created by this fire, blown out to sea by the SE wind

So, not too much celebration as yet until we can be sure that all People of the South, their animals at home and in the wild are safe.

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