Thursday, November 1, 2012


Welcome to the Peninsula Girls Rowing Club Regatta fundraising shoot. Note the full photoshoot IS available. Please follow the link below to access it.

This website contains a few of the images (there are lots more on the main gallery! . The link to the Picasa gallery site where the images are stored can be access by clicking here: {GO TO IMAGE GALLERY} Instructions on how to order can be read in the titles of the top line of photos.

Please don't download without ordering and paying. The images are displayed at very low resolution and if you rather order and pay, we will send you high res with no watermarking - or even as prints, should you prefer. PGRC is doing this for fundraising purposes because they urgently need some essential equipment. Once you are happy with the photo, I will email it to you at high resolution, or if you would like to order prints (5" x 7") we can coordinate that for you. too!

Conditions were tricky out there on the water, especially the forenoon, where things were very choppy - and believe me the PGRC rescue/coach boat is NOT a stable nor a very speedy platform. So .... not everybody will feature in the selection, 'cause the photographer ain't Chicken Man - but I did do my best on the day. Sorry in advance for those whom I may have missed. 

 Here are some of the scullers, doubles and a few other individuals - know any of them?

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