Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A selection of interesting accommodation establishments I have shot over the past few years.


The brief: To do an "Atmospheric" shoot

 Wish you were there ?
Food !

BRYNBROOK, NOORDHOEK - Clive and Iris Gibson

The brief was to show how relaxing and accommodating the Whale View was to visitors and in particular to whale watchers.


Finally, a bit of decorative detail ! Always important to help advertise your establishment to clients - show them what trouble to you to to make them feel comfortable !

Monday, August 15, 2011


Interesting pre-dawn shoot at the Southern Africa Large Telescope a the SA Astronomical Observatory near Sutherland.

Photo  taken over a 10 minute exposure at 5 mins 20 secs. Shutter button was pressed at approximately 6 a.m. This was about 1 hour 45 minutes prior to sunrise, but the reflected glow from the eastern horizon bounces off the side of the SALT scope.  Later, during the exposure, a vehicle occupied by off-duty astronomers pulled up alongside and spoiled the lower half of the picture with red and orange light from their brake lights and flashers. Fortunately this did not affect the upper area of the image, where the main action is. The lens flare near dead centre however comes from that vehicle.

Astronomers posted at SALT and the other SAAO scopes are not only permanent staff but also come from all over the world to do observations and research. SALT is one of only two such facilities in the world. The other unit is at Austin, Texas.

Yes - and it was cold. Especially the chill factor (-5 degrees guesstimate)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Food photography along with various other types of photography can be very demanding and require a good understanding of the way that light and camera lenses work.

Although best done with a digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera, it is possible to take reasonable pics using a compact digicam.

The trick is to find your focal point on the plate of food. First, decide what story you about the food you are wanting to portray. The stronger your lighting and the more steady your camera the larger the area on the plate that will be in focus. Remember to choose your ISO setting carefully. The higher the ISO setting, the lower the image quality will be. However the lower the ISO, the slower the exposure will be meaning that any shaky hand movement will spoil the pic. It is also about coming close up to the subject. Clever cameras won't let you press the shutter if the image is out of focus – so check very carefully. Often digicams have “closeup” or macro settings, so by all means use these.

Professional photographers and serious amateurs use special macro lenses or adapters such as extension tube to shorten the focal length of the lens. The photo shown was set up to feature the foreground.

Pic: Food shoot on site - Boulders Beach Lodge - 'Pacific Rim Cuisine'

DO pay attention to dressing up the table and the background of your photo. Use flower petals, glasses of wine, cutlery and napkins to achieve this. Remember that all items in the background will be visible, even if not in focus!

And don't forget, the tripod is your best friend. Hint: set your camera to take on shutter delay (2 seconds or even 10 seconds) if you do not have a shutter release cable. Set the photo up under lowest possible ISO and highest possible aperture and then press the shutter button. Take your hands off the camera and stand back. This should ensure minimal vibration.


Lovely wedding between 2 favourites in the Noordhoek Valley. At Cafe Roux, a great place to be ! Lots of pics on my Picassa Page for those who would like to visit.

Deo and Margaret tie the knot at Cafe Roux Saturday 6th August