Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Here's a selection of some decor and foods that were published - typical of the interior and cuisine shoots that I do.

'Pacfic Rim' Cuisine Shoot

Fireside Shoot - Cape Cuisine on a Chilly Day

Bulthaup - Exclusive German Kitchen System Manufacturer

As Published in To Build Magazine.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017


Anyone with an interest in the famous rugged mountainous areas of South Africa may be interested to read my new blog, based on a near lifetime of experiences in the Cederberg of the Western Cape.

To view my adventures, click here.

Monday, October 10, 2016


For photographers who learned their trade (or hobby) in the pre-digital age, the camera and its film were everything. While you could get very clever professional film that added colour pop to your images, high contrast or low light, you had also a degree of control when the film was being developed.

For example, it was better to slightly overexpose your photograph when shooting on film. Due to the high density of layers of photo sensitive chemical in film, that recorded extra detail.

Nowadays with digital, the opposite is true. If you 'blow out' your image by letting too much light past the sensor in a digital camera, the detail is gone - forever.

However, what you do have today is the availability a lot of 'post production' computer software that allows you to do everything and much more than film processing could do. There is even software available for handheld devices, including smartphones.

We have photography in RAW format today. (See my earlier article on this). Effectively, what RAW does is allow you to re create the whole image you took from a light perspective. It is not a format you can take to the printer. It needs to be developed.

But for this post production work a great deal of computer software is available at your fingertips. While users of the highly expensive Adobe Photoshop CS suite are dedicated and hard core, the great technology available in Photoshop is also distilled down in a number of much cheaper packages that are uber user-friendly as well. Probably the best of these is Adobe Photoshop Elements, which contains multiple technical 'hand me downs' from Photoshop CS - at a fraction of the price.

The post production phase of photography is split into two components:
  • Image workflow and archiving software - for example Photoshop Lightroom, an expensive system, and the Organiser software found in Elements. Most of this software allows the user to make various light and colour related adjustments but does not allow the user to apply filters or to alter the photograph beyond that.
  • The second stage is the full edit. That is where Photoshop CS, and the host of other image editing software I mentioned, comes in. This stage allows the user to add or remove people, change the landscape, correct distortion, etc. The classic meaning of a 'Photoshopped' image.
Of course, the final stage is the presentation or publishing of the image - be it on Facebook, as a print, or in a printed book.

I'm a competent user of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Elements. Together, they meet all my needs as a professional photographer - including weddings or architecture.

Give me a shout if you need some lessons or coaching with these systems. You can improve your photographic results by 100% Up to now, my clients have been very satisfied.

COST: Please discuss your specific requirements with me, but the basic cost is R 1600 for two coaching sessions of approximately two hours duration.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The summer has arrived in the Cape - big time. Perfect weather for time at the beach with loved ones and friends. 

Surprise your visitors from the North or from overseas with a professional beach or family shoot - at leisure.

Your holiday season is my quiet season away from the architecture, advertising and commercial shoots that I normally do. So you can have my attention on the beach or at a venue of your choosing for an hour or two. Contact me to discuss your needs and get a tailor made quotation to your needs. Prices start from R 1 990 for an entry level shoot. You'll love it!

Getting married? No problem. I love to do those, too.

Got a new camera and need some lessons? Give me a shout, too. I know my way around technology.

See:  More information on social shoots.

Email me now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Are you in the middle of organising a wedding and are looking for a great photographer? I'm an experienced photographer who has invested the right amount of time in developing my skills and I have made right investment in good equipment. As a busy commercial photographer, I undertake a few weddings each year. The brides, grooms and families are never disappointed. 

A word of advice. Book me early, since my calendar is filling up. Shoots are custom made to your wedding programme and your budget. No standard and boring service offering when you hire Gareth Griffiths Imaging and Photography! I would love to help you.

Want more advice: Click here and check out wedding photography advice.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The First Level Course in Photography

By: Gareth Griffiths, BSc (Phys Sci) Full accredited member, Southern African Freelancers’ Association - www.safrea.co.za


Aimed at: Small Group (3 maximum) or individual coaching

Cost: R 1500 payable: R 800 upfront before first lesson and balance at the final lesson. Cash or EFT. Non refundable booking fee upon confirmation: R 350.00 (private coaching) and R 200.00 (group sessions).
Outcomes: Attendees should learn how to work their own camera as efficiently as possible. A basic understanding of the concepts of working with light, with people, with objects and with scenery will be covered. Finally, an understanding of the electronic end of photography; how to best store images, how to prepare for the best prints, how to email your work or how to prepare for upload to the internet. How to store your images.

First Session (60 – 90 minutes): Sit down over coffee and work though the basics and the controls of your camera. Take a few preliminary pics.
Homework: You go off and take a few photographs and email them to me.

Second session (90 minutes) : We crit your pics, in a short session and then we do some field work e.g Noorhoek Common, or the beach. We focus on technique and how to make your pics interesting.

Third session (60 minutes): We study the electronic end of things. How to use the computer to work with pics; free software available; good quality software that can be bought. Preparing for printing, emailing of storage.
Where can I store my images online – for free?

Contact Gareth: 072 905 0252 / 021 680 5245 (leave a message)